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Do you want to download Sims 5 base games or expansion packs? Here is all you need to know about downloading full versions for PC and Mac. On this page, you will find information on how you can download Sims 5 games, release dates, free versions, demos and more.

How to download Sims 5?

Many websites have been claiming that it is already possible to download The Sims 5, but – in fact – the game isn’t even out yet. The Sims 5 has not officially been announced. This means that it is not possible to download the fifth generation yet.

We will definitely add a handy pre-order list to our website shortly after the game has officially been announced. We will exactly show you where you can download the game at a low price. At this point, we don’t know exactly how much The Sims 5 will be. We expect that the standard edition of the base game will cost at least $39,99, based on the release price of The Sims 4.

Right now, it is not clear yet where you can download The Sims 5. However, it is very likely that the fifth generation will be launched on Electronic Arts’ gaming platform Origin, once it is out yet, as well as via other platforms and web shops, including Amazon.

Please note that there are many websites that claim that you can download the game already via Torrents or other ways. These sites are all fake and should be avoided. Some of them will ask you to fill in contact details or surveys, after which it will install malware on your computer. These websites bring huge risks for viruses and other damage to your computer. Only use legit sources.

Which Sims 5 expansion packs will be available for download?

At this moment, there are no expansion packs available to download for The Sims 5 yet. It is, however, likely that popular expansion packs such as Pets, Seasons, World Aventures, University Life, and Makin’ Magic will be released. There is even a chance for new expansion pack themes, including Farm Life.

However, if there are any expansion packs announced, we will make sure to add them to this page. We will have a list of the latest packs here.

On which platforms will Sims 5 be released?

Although nothing is official yet, it is almost 100% sure that The Sims 5 will be launched on both PC (Windows) and Mac (MacOS) computers. There is a big chance that the game will also be released on PlayStation and Xbox!

Which versions of Sims 5 will be released?

Most new Sims base games before were available in different versions. Besides the standard edition of The Sims 5’s base game, there might be a Limited Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition, Premium Edition and/or Collector’s Edition, similar to that of The Sims 4.

Will Sims 5 be free?

One of the biggest questions probably is: where can I download The Sims 5 for free? At this moment, there are no free (freeplay or free-to-play) options available yet. There is a likelihood that the game will not be available as a free game because Electronic Arts and Maxis wants to and needs to earn money.

Will there be a demo/trial of Sims 5?

Currently, there is no The Sims 5 demo or trial version available yet. Looking at The Sims 5’s predecessor The Sims 4, there was no full demo of the complete game available, only a demo of Create A Sim (CAS). We believe that there will be a similar demo for the beta version of The Sims 5 as well.

Why should I download Sims 5?

1. Many Sims games will not be released physically anymore

Back in the days, when the first-ever The Sims game was released, games were only available as a physical version. Now, several generations later, things have changed – for good. When The Sims 3 came out, the game was also released in a digital version through Origin.

The Sims 4 had an even bigger focus on digital downloads in comparison to physical games. Several stuff packs and game packs have only been released as a digital download. It is clear that Electronic Arts’ and Maxis’ focus is shifting away from physical games. Digital versions are slowly but steadily becoming the new standard, whether you like it or not.

This trend will definitely continue and will affect The Sims 5 as well, which means that there might be no physical stuff packs, game packs, expansion packs, and even base games anymore.

2. Downloading is just so much easier – for real

It only takes a few clicks to buy, activate, download and install a game. Downloading games is so much easier compared to visiting a store and buying it there. Imagine going to a store, where they tell you that the game hasn’t arrived yet, or that it’s already been sold out. That makes it even more inconvenient.

It’s usually possible to download new releases right after midnight. You don’t need any discs at all and you can play the game right away. There’s really no need for you to get off that comfy chair.

3. Don’t wait for the postman any longer

We know that feeling when you are so excited about a new release, but it takes ages for the postman to deliver your package. Delivery delays are very common nowadays – and that is very frustrating, obviously!

Digital downloads can usually be downloaded right after midnight. You will receive your unique serial code within a few minutes after purchasing, which allows you to activate, download and install the game right away. No need to wait for the postman any longer!

4. Downloading is quite often cheaper

Digital downloads have the reputation of being expensive, but – in fact – they are quite often much cheaper compared to physical games. This allows you to save a lot of money. Origin by Electronic Arts is quite often one of the more expensive options, but they do have big sales throughout the year. However, other web shops are usually even cheaper – all year long.

Why are digital downloads often so cheap, you may wonder? There are several main reasons to be found:

  • Digital games are not produced in factories, so they don’t require packaging. These games also don’t need to be transported or shipped, meaning that there are no shipping costs at all.
  • Other than that, digital games don’t require storage space, so companies can save on property rent.
  • Besides that, it is cheaper for companies to run and maintain a web shop and server for digital distribution, which allows them to sell games for a lower price.
  • Another big reason is that there are no salespersons or other employees needed, so there are no extra labor costs.
  • Finally, many web shops are huge gaming stocks, and the more they buy, the cheaper it gets. This makes it possible to lower prices, and to sell games cheaper compared to physical stores.

5. Most new laptops come without an optical drive

Many of the latest laptops, notebooks and other computers are not having an optical drive anymore, as they get lighter and thinner. The latest MacBooks by Apple are an example of this, as well as Windows PC’s by manufacturers such as Microsoft, ASUS, Acer, HP, Lenovo, MSI, and Dell.

It is expected that even consoles, including PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii will only be available without disc readers in the near future. This is a trend will definitely continue, which makes it harder to play physical games. As a result, digital downloads are becoming more popular each day.

6. Free up space for other things

Physical games take up space, and the more you have, the more physical space they require. When space is limited, storing games become problematic. This problem disappears as soon as one starts using digital downloads.

The physical space can now be used for other purposes. Besides that, having a digital game library is just much more convenient.

7. No more damaged or broken discs

One of the downsides of using discs is that they might get scratches over time, or maybe you had broke discs. CDs and DVDs are vulnerable to injury and disc readers often have trouble reading damaged or scratched discs – which is very frustrating, indeed. Using digital downloads solves this issue for good.

8. Access your games at any time

Are you traveling and did you forget to bring your discs? Or did you lose your discs? That can be very frustrating. The good news is that digital downloads are always easily accessible – at any time. Just use the digital library in Origin to start and play a game.

When is Sims 5 coming?

So when is The Sims 5 actually coming out? There has been no official announcement about the release date yet. Neither Electronic Arts nor Maxis has revealed any official information yet. However, several big hints suggest that the game is currently in developing stages, which could mean that it might not take a long time before the fifth generation will be announced!

One thing is for sure: The Sims 5 will not be launched in 2019 yet. We believe that the game will be released somewhere between June-September 2020 earliest. In this article about the release of The Sims 5, we will explain how we came to this conclusion.

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