Sims 5 Farm Life expansion pack

You asked, we listened. Sure, pets are great to have, but how cool would it be to have an expansion pack completely dedicated to farming? Doesn’t that sound exciting? We think so! In The Sims 5 Farm Life, you’re Sims will be able to become farmers in different parts of the world, including Canada, The Netherlands, India, Argentina, Mongolia, France, and even Ethiopia. The possibilities are endless!

Study to become a professional farmer

Before your Sims will become professional farmers, they need to study farming or agriculture at the university in town or elsewhere. There is so much to learn!

At university, farming and agriculture students will be able to choose different programs and courses where they will learn everything about environmental sustainability, food crop management, waste management, livestock care, genetic modification, economic development and profitability, irrigation and soil maintenance, disease identification and control, and more. Depending on the duration of the studies, your Sims will get involved in research and develop theoretical and practical skills in most of these fields.

After completing the program successfully, they will receive a degree in farming or agriculture, allowing them to start a career as a farmer, to manage a business or to work in areas such as food production, consulting, sales and more.

Discover the all-new farmer career

Have you ever wanted to know what it’s like to be a farmer? This is your chance to start a career as a farmer, which allows your Sims to become self-employed.

Before you become one, it is good to mention that farming for a living is hard work – for real. Farming is tough, and it will suck up a lot of time. 18-hour workdays are no exception. A stable income is not guaranteed either. Your Sims will have to be physically and mentally strong, as they will have many responsibilities each day. Most of their work happens outdoors, so they must be prepared for harsh weather conditions and seasonal changes. In addition to that, a farming or agriculture degree, including a certificate, is also required.

On the other hand, as a farmer, you will interact directly with nature, and most farmers live a happy life! Hard work pays off. So why not give it a try? Farming is not only a job, it’s a lifestyle as well.

Dress like a farmer

Farmers wear all sorts of different clothes, from t-shirts and shorts in the summer, to flannel shirts and jeans when it gets colder. Some farmers wear comfortable shoes, others wear boots. Coveralls, overalls, straw hats, and cowboy hats are also quite common, as well as work gloves. Clothes will get dirty no matter what. Besides outfits, you will also find new hairstyles and accessories in Create a Sim (CAS).

Time to start your agricultural business

Now that you have your degree, it’s time to set up your business. Writing a business plan is a good starting point, and creating a network of connections is important as well. Once your business plan is approved, you are ready for the next step.

A new exciting chapter is about to begin! There are many extra big lots available in the neighborhood for you to start up your business. Start from scratch, or buy an existing farm through the in-game library. You can choose between modern or traditional not-so-modern farms. Modern farms have the latest technologies, whereas traditional farms don’t. Urban rooftop farms are also among the possibilities.

If you decide to start from scratch, you will be in charge of the complete building process. You will not only have to build a house, but also stables where livestock are kept. Choose between modern or traditional building materials including bricks or stone, wood and steel, and choose doors, windows, roofs, pillars, wallpapers, roofs and more.

Choose between different types of farming

As a farmer, you will have a lot of responsibilities. One of the first steps is to decide what type of farming you actually want to get into. The possibilities are endless! What about starting a crop farm or a dairy farm? Meat farms and fish farms are not included in this pack. Depending on the type of farm you choose, farmers will be able to buy seeds or livestock.

When starting a crop farm, your farmer will be able to grow fruits, vegetables, or grain on a large or smaller scale. There are different types of farm fields available, which can be used for agriculture and other purposes. Cultivating land and plowing through the fields with a tractor or robots is a part of the job.

Common crops are field corn, wheat, rye, and soybeans. It’s also possible to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables, including apples, oranges, lemons, grapes, potatoes, tomatoes, carrots, sugar beets, lettuce, cranberries and beans. Depending on where you live, the growing season will affect the production per acre. Climate, rich soil and abundant water are key factors. Some years, wet weather and flooding will cause chaos, other years drought will cause headaches. Farmers need to be prepared for unpredictable weather situations. Luckily, if you own The Sims 5 Seasons, you will be able to change weather conditions using the weather machine!

It’s also possible to open a dairy farm. This is where your Sims will milk and feed cows, and help them to give birth to calves. Taking care of the animals is an important occupation, as well as raising them. As a farmer, you need to feed them, clean their box stalls, and make sure their stall is safe and comfortable. Animals will also be staying outside a lot. The better they feel, the more they produce. If there are any health issues with your animals, you can ask a veterinarian to come over, or perhaps resolve it without any professional help.

After milking a cow or goat – which can be done by hand or through robot milking – the milk will be stored in big vats or silos. Each day, a tanker will come over to transport the milk to the processing factory, where they will be able to make yoghurt, milkshakes, cheese, butter and other dairy products of the milk. After that, it’s ready to be sold in stores.

Have you ever thought of owning a vineyard and making delicious wine? Now you can! Or what about using greenhouses to produce vegetables and fruits? It’s possible as well. In addition to that, it’s also possible to run a flower farming business. Grow tulips and sell them at the local market or ship them to different places in the world.

Moo, mehhh, hee-haw – farm animals are here

Depending on the type of farm you’re running, your Sims will be able to choose farm animals. In this game, you can choose between many types of farm animals.

What about cows, bulls, sheep, goats, alpacas, horses, donkeys, ponies, pigs, rabbits, chickens, turkeys, and ducks? Just like The Sims 5 Pets, you can create many of these animals in CAP (Create A Pet). Use the color wheel t change the color of their fur and eyes. Sounds quite cool, right?!

If you own expansion pack The Sims 5 Pets, you will also be able to add dogs, cats and smaller animals to your Sims’ families. This means that pets will be able to live on farms. As an example, dogs could help raise sheep. They can become guardians and protect livestock from predators.

Raising farm animals, such as sheep and lambs, requires a lot of time and energy, but it is rewarding at the same time. Use their fur to create warm wool clothing, hats, gloves, scarves, blankets, and more. Their nutritious milk is delicious and healthy as well.

Animals will be able to give birth as well, and farm breeding is one of the features of this expansion pack. Farm babies include calves, foals, lambs, piglets, rabbits and more.

Farm animals won’t live forever, just like Sims. One thing to note here is that farm animals are not playable.

Watch out for wild animals

Living in the countryside means that wild animals may also show up, just when you least expect it. Always be on the lookout for animals such as deer, foxes, and even wolves! If you’re really lucky, you might even see a bear walking around looking for food in the trash can.

Depending on where you live, you will find different animal species in each country. In some countries you may come across monkeys, elephants, tigers, lions, snakes, or even penguins. Even very special creatures like unicorns and cow plants may show up occasionally.

Sustainable agriculture and farming – for a better world
Sustainability is a hot topic these days. In this expansion pack, sustainable agriculture and farming are a top priority. Your farmers will be able to use the latest and greatest technological developments. Attach solar panels to their roofs, put windmills on your land to profit from clean energy, use rainwater harvesting systems to water for watering plants and flowers, buy an electric pick-up truck to get around the neighborhood, and use drones to monitor crop growth and increase crop production. You can even invite school classes and teach them about the latest technologies.

Produce nutrient-rich soil by using compost bins and other methods. Biological farming hasn’t been forgotten. Use chemical free methods to improve plant growth and to produce healthy food and healthy soil. Organic pesticides can used as well, as they protect crops from pests, diseases, and weeds.

Sell food and livestock at the local farmers’ market

The weekly local farmers’ market is the place to be. This is where many farmers from the region gather, and where they sell and buy livestock, vegetables, fruits and more. Local inhabitants of the region will also be able to buy food and other products from farmers.

Sell your self-made cheese, your delicious jams that were made using the canning station, and colorful tulips. Tulips and other flowers are specially popular during Valentine’s Day.

Own or join a riding school

One exciting new feature of this game is that your Sims will be able to run a riding school, or to join one as a member. Here, your Sims can learn how to ride horses or ponies. Becoming a horse riding instructor is also possible! Horseback riding isn’t easy, but practice makes perfect. Once you and your horse are confident enough, they will be able to join a derby (horse race). It’s even possible to win Simoleons and other rewards during competitions. Don’t forget your riding outfit!

Visit the petting zoo

Petting zoos can also be found in this game. They are usually situated in urban areas as a way for children to interact with domestic animals and some wild species. Kiddos will also be able to feed and touch animals here.
Besides horses, ponies, sheep, goats, pigs, cows and alpacas, there are also donkeys, deer, turtles, guinea pigs, chickens, ducks and geese to be found at petting zoos. It’s even possible to work as a volunteer at these places.

Enjoy living in the countryside

This expansion pack not only focuses on farmers only, but also on Sims living in the countryside. Explore the rural life and experience what it’s like to live in small communities. Each region has its own charming villages and beautiful farms.

Not convinced yet? Living in the countryside has many advantages compared to living in dense urban areas. There is less pollution, people live a healthier life, people are less stressed and the pace is slower, there is more space, there is less crime, it’s much cheaper to live there, nature is always nearby, and the people are friendlier in general. Many of these advantages cannot be found in urban areas.

In this expansion pack, you will experience what it’s like to live in the countryside!

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