Sims 5 Makin' Magic expansion pack

Escape the real world and leave the normal daily life far behind you in The Sims 5 Makin’ Magic. This highly requested expansion pack is full of spooky surprises. Nothing is what it seems. Skeletons come to live, Sims transform into supernatural creatures, and it’s even possible to revive dead Sims. This expansion pack takes magic to the next level!

Getting started with magic

Are you new to magic? No worries at all. Whenever your Sims move into a new house, or when they buy a post box, they will receive a Magical Starter Kit. This is a special gift left by the Mystery Man – who sells and buys magic items and has an answer to all your magic-related questions. The Starter Kit is a box full of magical presents, including a spell book which helps you to make your first own spell. The catalog, which includes a lot of useful information, is your new best friend.

Discover a world full of magic

Once you are ready, it’s time to explore a world full of magic. Choose between different thematic neighborhoods where strange things happen all the time! Each neighborhood has its own MagiCoin currency as well, which allows you to buy ingredients for spells and charms, as well as dragon eggs, treats, and toys.

Magic Town, one of the neighborhoods, has a strange atmosphere to it. Here you will find foggy hills, dark forests, and a mysterious big moon. That’s creepy, isn’t it? In Magic Town, things are changing all the time… or they disappear right in front of your eyes. This is where fairy tales come to life, where witches fly around on broomsticks, and where werewolves, zombies, mummies, and other supernatural creatures can be found.

Each neighborhood consists of several occupied residential and commercial lots, as well as empty lots which can be bought. You may even come across a few hidden lots and haunted houses. You will also find several families living in these neighborhoods. They sometimes live together with ghosts and other creatures, including unexpected guests. Some houses have secret doors, slides, and even magic mirrors.

In most of the neighborhoods, you will find public schools and even Magic Academies, where your Sims can learn all the ins and outs about magic. This is where they can become a professional Magician. Supposedly, there are secret Witch Schools in some neighborhoods as well. Other than that, you will also find several alchemy shops, public buildings and graveyards in each of the neighborhoods. Bella Goth and her family have moved into one of the neighborhoods, so be sure to connect with her.

Supernatural creatures, including werewolves, may show up to scare your Sims just when you least expect it. Be sure to watch out for holes in the ground as well, because you never know where your Sims end up! Perhaps it’s a better idea to use the teleporter or the time machine instead.

Visit the Magic Amusement Park

One of the coolest features of this game probably is the Magic Amusement Park: Clowntastic Land. Here you will find different fun rollercoasters and other activities for your Sims, such as mini-golf and arcade games. In this park, you will also be able to watch magic shows performed by professional and not-so-professional magicians. It’s even possible to steal the spotlight yourself. Join the Side Show, Spook Show, Magic Arena, or the Magic Trick Table. It’s even possible to become a clown yourself, or to learn how to mime. Besides that, it’s also possible to join a flight in a hot air balloon! How cool is that?!

Learn everything about alchemy

Alchemy is a new exciting skill in this expansion pack. Use the Alchemy Table to learn and to craft potions (also called elixirs). Both supernatural beings and normal Sims, from teenagers and older, can learn this skill. Grow their skills and learn new recipes directly by using the Research Alchemy interaction.

Do you want to take classes in Alchemy? No problem! Simply visit the Alchemy School in town. The skill book will come in handy as well. Visit the local Alchemy Store to buy all the recipes. Once Sims have gained enough skills, they can employ themselves as alchemists, a self-employed career. When your Sims drink elixirs, they can become witches. They can also throw them onto other Sims, so they become witches.

Cast spells – but be careful

Now you can learn how to cast spells using a magic wand! The more your Sims practice with mixing ingredients, the more experience they get. This allows them to unlock even more tricks.

There are three categories of spells: good, neutral and evil. You can, for example, turn a Sim into a frog (which is called toadification), boost a relationship, make Sims happy, banish them from a lot or hypnotize them. It’s even possible to turn a pet into a human, or cast an enchant spell on a gnome. Don’t forget to use the spell book to educate your Sims, as it usually results in an increase of their skill points.

Witches, witches, witches

Did anyone say witches? Yes, we did! There are different ways how Sims can become witches. When your Sims drink elixirs, they can become witches. They can also throw them onto other Sims so that they become witches too. Even babies can be born as witches if one of their parents is a witch. Sims can also become witches by befriending a High Witch in the neighborhood. The High Witch will be able to turn Sims into witches. It’s even possible to create witches in Create-a-Sim (CAS), where you can find robes, gowns, pointy hats, ordinary clothing and more.

And, of course, we didn’t forget about magic broomsticks, which can be used for transportation and cleaning. Brooms are as fast as teleporters, and they require a broom stand. We can ensure you that riding a broom isn’t always easy, so be sure to practice in the broom riding arena, where witches (from teenagers and older) can practice their broom riding skill. It’s also possible to cure yourself or other Sims from witchcraft by drinking Potent Cure Elixir.

Vampires to scare the crap out of you

We didn’t forget about vampires! Now it’s time to live an immortal life. You can create your own vampires in Create-a-Sim. Choose their fangs and add scary glowing eyes.

Vampires can earn and wield many unique powers, which allows them to control your Sims’ minds. Let them take part in epic duels and unlock new powers. Vampires like to hide in dark, abandoned buildings during the day where they sleep in coffins, but they show up as soon as the sun disappears. No matter what, these bloodthirsty creatures should avoid sunlight and garlic foods at any time.

Vampires can turn other Sims into vampires through biting or through drinking elixirs. Vampirism can be cured by buying a cure or making one at the mixology bar. Vampires will lose their powers and looks and turn into a normal Sim again.

Be a fairy

Are you excited for fairies? These mischievous human-sized creatures are part of this pack as well, and they really enjoy playing tricks on Sims or other fairies. Just like normal Sims, fairies have basic needs. However, fairies usually live longer than normal Sims. They are able to fly and usually live in a Fairy House, a small functional home which can only be accessed by fairies.

Now it’s possible to make fairies in Create-a-Sim, but Sims can also turn into fairies after drinking specific elixirs, or they can receive the opportunity to become a fairy when searching for fairies in the Arboretum, a building that was specifically made for fairies.

Fairies are also known for having very good gardening skills. They can also use magic for good or bad purposes. They can learn how to place traps on objects and other items.

More playable supernatural creatures

Another very cool character that has returned is the fortune teller. Sims can start a career as professional fortune tellers as well. Fortune tellers go to work at the gypsy wagon, which is not a rabbit hole in this pack.
Be sure to watch out for zombies who can attack Sims and eat plants. Scary, huh?! Even Sims and pets can be turned into zombies, but luckily they can be cured from zombiism as well.

And of course, we didn’t forget about mermaids. These supernatural creatures live in the oceans, but they will also be able to survive on land. Sims can become mermaids as well after becoming good friends with them, or just simply create a mermaid in Create-a-Sim. It’s that easy!

Many new supernatural NPCs

Many famous NPCs (non-playable characters) from earlier Sims generations have returned, and that’s exciting news! Bonehilda, a quirky skeleton maid that cleans up homes after she awakens is back, as well as the Mystery Man that delivers packages around the neighborhood and knows everything about magic. There are also mummies that walk around the neighborhood. Apothecary Todd, a famous vendor in the area, has also found his way back to this game. And what about the Nagganast, a snake charmer with a snake charming basket? He also returned.

But that’s not all! The FlaminGoGo Dancer, a NPC that Sims can create by casting a spell on a pink flamingo, has returned as well. Besides this NPC, you may also come across Gardening Gnomes who are watering plants. There are different types of gnomes, and some of them are said to be evil. Evil gnomes will give your Sims nightmares. Not only that, they also like knocking over the trash, un-make beds and do other annoying things.

Are you ready for another exciting surprise? The genie also reappears in this game. Sims that summon by cleaning an antique lamp will be able to do different wishes. A genie can grant various wishes for your Sim, with positive or negative consequences as a result.

Change the time

With the new control panel and the ‘setHour’ cheat, you will be able to switch from daylight to nighttime very easily. You can let the sun disappear, make the full moon show up, or freeze the time completely – things that make your neighborhoods even more creepy. It’s even possible to jump back to reality if you done with supernatural happenings.

But there’s more…

There are many new supernatural objects and other items waiting for you! What about the butter churn, an object that Sims can use to make butter? It also helps them to develop their cooking skills. It’s even possible to sell the butter or to use it for baking or spells.

The spinning wheel is another very cool object. Sims can use this object to make golden threads, which can also be sold or used for making charms.

We’re not done yet! The beehive, another outstanding object, returned as well. It produces honey and other harvestables for your Sims. You will also be able to sell honey and harvestables.

You can now also buy a voodoo doll in the local Magic Shop, which can be used to torment other Sims, to make them hotter or colder, to make new friends or to fall in love. Quite cool, right?

And last but not least, dragons are also included in this game! You can buy them in the local Magic Shop where you will also find dragon treats and toys. Most dragons live in Dragon Valley, one of the exciting new neighborhoods. These creatures someone who will take care of them and they require training as they grow up. Dragons are probably the coolest pets your Sims will ever own.

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