Sims 5 Pets expansion pack

Imagine a life without pets. Wouldn’t that be boring? We think so! Luckily, there’s good news: pets will also return in The Sims 5! Sounds exciting, huh?! Pets will change your Sims’ lives in many new and special ways, as they form special relationships with them based on interactions.

More pets, more fun

This expansion pack for the fifth generation comes with many types of pets. Besides cats, dogs, kittens, and puppies, there are also raccoons, hamsters, guinea pigs, rabbits, fishes, parrots, canaries, pigeons, geckos, turtles, lizards and snakes.

Pets are enriching your Sims’ lives as they become your Sims’ best friends! These little furry friends can be found anywhere, and some of them need a lot of attention and care. More pets means more fun, but also more work for your Sims.

One thing to note is that there are no farm animals in this pack. There will be a separate big expansion pack dedicated to these cute animals.

Playable pets – without adding mods

This time around there are playable pets again, without adding mods or extra downloads! This means that you, as a player, will be able to control them. How cool is that?!

Create a pet in CAP

The Create A Pet (CAP) tool is better than ever. You can now create your own unique cats, dogs and other animals in just a few clicks. Of course, you will also find many automatically created pets in this tool as well.

CAP comes with an amazing additional feature! Upload a picture of your cat or dog, and the tool will automatically recreate your pet. This makes it easier than ever before!

You will find hundreds of breeds in CAP, and it’s possible to change every detail. Change their paws, eyes, tails, markings, body type, face shape and even their personality and traits. There are even pet genetics. You will also be able to change their life stages: from puppies and kittens, to adults and elders. The possibilities are endless. Cloning pets is also one of the new features.

With the all-new color wheel, you will also be able to change the colors of their fur, eyes and outfits. Talking about clothing: there are many outstanding outfits and accessories for your pets, including sweaters, hoodies, hats and socks to keep these furry creatures warm.

Once you’re doing with creating the perfect pet, you have a few options: add the pet to an existing or new family, add them to an in-game pet store, or upload them to the library!

Upload your pets to the in-game library

Share your pets, created in CAP, with your friends and the rest of the world by uploading them to the in-game online library. You will find dogs, cats, and other pets created by other players here as well. And best of all: you can download and import them to your own game, after which you can play with them.

New neighborhoods

There are a few new neighborhoods, each one of them with a completely unique style. Some of them have sand beaches, beautiful forests and lakes. If you’re lucky, you will be able to see and catch butterflies and fireflies and some wild animals.

Several famous Sims families are living here, including the Kat family, Burb family, Charming family and Hick family. Besides residential buildings, including villas and apartment buildings, you will also find several stores, companies, schools, pools and other public service buildings in each neighborhood.

Fortunately, there are many empty lots available where you, as a player, can build your own house, store, vet clinic, park or something else. Unleash your inner creativity!

Pet training – unlock their potential

Did someone say pet training? Training your furry little friends is now possible! With the brand new professional career in training, your Sims will learn all the ins and outs of how to make your pets behave and follow your commands.

Teach your dog or cat new fun tricks such as barking on command, to lie down, to sit down and stay, to hug, to shake, to roll over, or to play dead. You can teach them how to attack others – whether or not you like it. Dogs can learn how to do hunting, or how to find collectibles. You’re in charge of the entire process, unless you hire a dog or cat trainer. Each dog or cat has a distinct personality and different behaviors, and some of them are real monsters. Unruly pets will topple the trash or scratch a sofa. Luckily, this can be changed with the right training.

Adopt a stray dog or cat

It’s so much fun to own a pet! Besides creating a pet in CAS, it’s also possible to adopt a stray dog or cat. Imagine how the lives of these little vulnerable creatures could change after adopting, as well as your own life. Adopting is really easy: click on a stray dog or cat in the neighborhood, or visit the local animal shelter. Adopting through a shelter costs money. Some of these pets really need some extra attention and training.

Be careful though! Some dogs can bite and cats can claw, so you better watch out. Some Sims may have allergies to certain pets as well. Just buy a cat-robot or dog-robot instead to solve this problem. Or visit the pharmacy to get allergy pills.

Run a pet store

But there’s more exciting news! You can also create and run your own pet store again! Here, your Sims can buy different pets (including pets created in CAP!) and other necessities, including food, toys, collars, leashes, beds, scratching posts, aquariums, bedding, cages, tanks, stands, lighting, and other supplies. You will also find specialists in local pet stores that can help you with all your questions about most animals and products.

You can also work in this store and become a specialist yourself! And, of course, you can hire employees, which makes it easier to run and grow a store.

Additionally, you can construct your own pet shop on an empty lot, or choose between different pre-made stores from the game library.

Pet clubs – sharing passion with like-minded people

What makes this The Sims 5 pack different from earlier generations? Pet clubs! It’s a fantastic new feature. Meet with your neighbors, friends or other like-minded people with a shared interest in specific pets. Shared activities are a big part of this game.

As an example: dog owners can meet up for a walk in the park, and cat owners can meet each other in town for cat talks. The all-new cat café in town is the place to be for cat owners or cat lovers. Come in for a cup of tea or coffee and hang around with these fluffy and feline animals and like-minded Sims. Share experiences, pictures and knowledge with each other.

Veterinarian career – open your own clinic

We didn’t forget about the veterinarian’s career and skill! Becoming a vet is more exciting than ever. It’s like running a business and working on a passion simultaneously. On top of that, your Sims will also earn a lot of money when they choose this career path. Your Sim will be able to run a vet clinic all alone, or with the help of other employees. As a player, you can build the clinic on a new lot yourself, or you can choose an existing clinic in the game library. Don’t forget to put on your vet uniform.

Once you’re ready to open your business, Sims will come over with their pets. As a veterinarian, one of your tasks is to examine pets on the examination table to find out what’s wrong. Uncover symptoms to calm down the animal. Sick animals should be given a treatment or cure immediately. Craft medicines at the medicine crafting table and use them to help cats, dogs and other pets. Use the crafting table to improve your vet skills as well. The more experienced, the more medicines you will be able to unlock and create. Customers of the clinic will also be able to leave a review online, so work hard to become the most promising animal doctor in town! If customers won’t be able to visit the clinic, your vet could also offer in-home veterinary services.

If a medicine didn’t give the desired outcome, perhaps it’s time to move the pet to a surgery station. This is where veterinarians can perform scans and conduct various tests in order to determine what’s wrong. Based on that, the veterinarian will choose the correct treatment. The higher the skill level of the veterinarian, the easier and quicker it gets to cure a pet. Now it’s even possible to give them vaccinations to prevent disease outbreaks.

Unfortunately, pets can die of old age and their lives are much shorter compared to Sims. They can also die from fire or starvation – but they are able to return as ghosts!

Pet sitting service

Are your Sims going on vacation or other busy times ahead? No worries! They can bring their pet to the pet sitting service in town, or invite a pet sitter to their home. The pet sitting service will take care of your animals when you’re Sims are off. And yes, Sims will also be able to become pet sitters themselves, allowing them to take care of other pets, including those of neighbors. It’s also possible to become a dog walker if you have some free time left.

More exciting careers for your Sims

Besides becoming a vet, pet sitter or dog walker, there are many more career opportunities for your Sims. What about becoming a pet trainer, pet groomer, or dog breeder? Your Sims will also have to opportunity to work for an Animal Protection non-profit organization. Working at the Animal Rehab Centre is very fulfilling as well.

Another exciting job is that of a store owner or store employee. Besides these careers, Sims will also be able to work on the careers of their furry companions, as they will be responsible for managing this.

Pet careers – for the ambitious pets

Sims can find jobs for their pets in the local newspaper or by looking at job websites on the computer. There are different careers options.

What about a career as a rescue dog, security dog, or guide dog? Or what about a showbiz career as a movie star? It’s all possible. Dogs can even get promoted, which unlocks new items which can be used by them as well. In any case, your pets will be rewarded for the hard work. Since pets are playable in this game, you as a player will be able to control every step they take.

Dog and rabbit competitions

Have you ever thought of entering pet competitions? Now your dog can become a model and win prizes. Or what about dog sports? Take part in contests and earn a lot of Simoleons.

Sign up for a dog agility competition, where they will climb on ramps, run through tunnels and weave poles, and jump over obstacles within an obstacle course. It’s not as easy as it seems, and it requires a lot of training and effective communication and teamwork between the handler and the dog itself. Don’t forget to reward your dog after achieving big and small accomplishments.

Besides that, there is also a rabbit jumping competition, comprising different courses. Will your bunny be able to break the world record?

New objects for your pets and Sims

You will find a variety of new objects and accessories in this game. We didn’t forget about a fish aquarium, which comes in different sizes.

For dogs, there is a doghouse, dog bed, dog bath, food bowl, toys, and more. For cats, there is a litter box, cat bed, scratching post, food bowl, toys, and more. For birds, there are cages, a food bowl and toys.

We’ve also added hair brushes so Sims can do grooming, which doesn’t have to be a daunting task at all. Hygienic care is very important, as it affects the well-being and healthiness of your furry companion.
For dog training, there are essential tools as well, including a clicker, target stick, treats, portable mat, collar and harness, long line and barriers.

Probably the coolest new object is the bike pet trailer! With this trailer, your Sims will be able to take their favorite furry companion safely everywhere they go. How cool is that?

We know that hair produced by pets will end up everywhere, so the all-new robot vacuum cleaner is a splendid solution. It cleans your floor automatically. A fun feature is that your cat or dog can sit on the vacuum cleaner. Funny, right?!

New NPCs

And finally, we’ve added a bunch of new NPCs (non-playable character) to the game. Skunks and raccoons have returned, as well as deer, foxes, hedgehogs, and even penguins.

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