Sims 5 Seasons expansion pack

Snowy days, heatwaves, heavy rainfall – we have all seen this before in previous Sims installments, and, of course, seasons will also return in the fifth generation. Wouldn’t it be a boring game without seasonal changes and weather conditions? We think so!

This time around, summer, fall, winter, spring and weather will have a bigger impact on your Sims’ daily lives than ever before.

From beautiful weather circumstances to disasters and extreme weather

Depending on where your Sims live, extreme situations can happen. What about being stuck inside a house during a blizzard, or what about forest fires that appear during extreme heat and drought? Flooding may also occur, which forces Sims to leave their homes. Even hurricanes, tornados and other disasters are possible.

Be sure to check the weather forecast regularly on a computer, on a smartphone, in the newspaper or on television, so your Sims will have time to prepare for extreme circumstances. You can even get a notification on your smartphone when heavy storms are on its way!

In this expansion pack, the impact of weather will be bigger than ever. This does not precisely mean that the consequences will be negative. Depending on where your Sims reside, seasons and weather circumstances will differ. Luckily, it’s not all about extreme situations and Sims will be able to escape critical weather situations by using the weather machine. With this machine, your Sims can to change weather conditions and seasons easily. It even allows them to turn off seasons completely, but it’s much more fun when seasons are enabled. Seasons will be activated automatically for each existing neighborhood.

Discover what each season has to offer:

Summer – embrace the heat

Each season lasts seven in-game days by default, but the length can be changed in the settings menu. Summertime is all about outdoor activities in the sun! Embrace long sunny days on the beach, go island hopping, enjoy pool parties with friends as temperatures rise during a heatwave, and be sure to drink enough water – or just empty the minibar.

Time to cool down

Put on your swimwear to join a refreshing balloon fight with friends, get wet on the water slide, cool down below a garden sprinkler, or dive like a pro. You can now also dip in the ocean, in lakes or even rivers. Adventurous Sims can enjoy river canoeing, surfing on gigantic waves, or sailing in the archipelago. Always be careful of strong water streams and don’t take any risks.

Enjoy outdoor sports

Besides water-related activities, your Sims can also enjoy outdoor sports such as volleyball, basketball, tennis, badminton, golf, yoga, mountain biking, hiking and climbing. They might get sweaty after exercising, so be sure to reward them with a cold drink or a delicious ice cream at the local Tiki Bar.

Watch the sun go down and party hard

During the evening when the sun goes down, it’s time for a BBQ or campfire with friends. Put on your comfy sweater and watch the sun go down over the horizon. End the day on an over-the-top music festival, rooftop party, beach party, or watch movies on the beach with ultra-buttery popcorn.
Enjoy exciting summer activities like playing carnival games, visiting fairs, summer camps, roller-skating, fishing in a pond, river or lake, and – if you’re Sims aren’t afraid of heights – they can take it to the skies in a hot-air balloon. Watch the sun go down and enjoy a romantic picnic among the clouds!

Your Sims will also have the option to go on a cruise trip to the hottest party destinations and resorts around the world. The local tour operator will give recommendations for trips.

Activities for the kiddos

We didn’t forget about the kids! There are plenty of activities for them as well. What about jumping on a trampoline, flying a kite, building sandcastles on the beach, swinging on the playground, taking a ride on the water slide, catching fireflies, and more.

Get that summer look

There are many summer outfits available for your Sims to wear during hot days, including bikinis, shorts, sunglasses, flip-flops and more.

One of the coolest outfits is probably Marky Sharky’s famous beach mascot outfit (as previously seen in the first The Sims game). Wear this outfit to scare people or to entertain children.

Protect yourself and others during extreme heat

Be careful not to get sunburned outside, or in a tanning booth. Whenever the sun’s rays are getting stronger, it is strongly recommended to protect your Sims with sunscreen, to wear a hat and protective clothes, and to take a break under the beach umbrella or a palm tree. In fact, Sims can actually die from excessive heat. It’s also recommended to install a climate-control system inside your Sims’ homes, such as an air conditioner.

Heat is very common during summers, but some summers might actually be rather cold, depending on where your Sims are located. Weather circumstances are changing all the time. Prepare yourself for rain showers, hail and heavy thunderstorms, especially when the fall is around the corner.

Fall – prepare for fall foliage… and bad weather

Brace yourselves, fall is coming – whether you like it or not. The leaves are changing from green to yellow, orange, brown and red, and start falling from trees, eventually.

Prepare for heavy storms

As fall arrives, temperatures are falling as well. Days are getting shorter with less sunlight and daylight overall. During this season, rain showers, heavy storms, thunderstorms, foggy days and clouds are dominating.

The weather constantly changes, just when you least expect it. Be sure to bring your umbrella and raincoat whenever you leave the house. Watch out for dangerous thunderstorms and lightning strikes. Lightning can kill Sims!

After rain comes sunshine

During fall season, extreme weather may occur more frequently, including floodings. But it’s not always that bad! We know it may sound like a cliché, but after rain comes sunshine. If you’re lucky, you can see a rainbow in the sky, and there will definitely be some beautiful sunny days as well. As trees are changing colors, the landscape will become picturesque.

Harvest time

Fall is also the season for harvesting! Join the local Garden Club and start harvesting vegetables, fruits, herbs, and even flowers. Prepare delicious meals with self-harvested food, such as potatoes, carrots, strawberries, apples, and oranges. Be sure to store and preserve harvested fruits and vegetables in the freezer, or sell them at the local farmers’ market.

Celebrate Halloween – if you dare

More exciting things are happening during this season! During Halloween, which is probably one of the biggest celebrations, it’s time to dress up in scary self-made or rented costumes. Carve pumpkins with your friends and decorate the house. During trick-or-treating, children go door to door in search of candy and swag.

Supposedly, there is a haunted house hidden somewhere in the neighborhood. Dare you to check it out? You may or may not come across ghosts hiding in specific rooms that need to be unlocked. Will you be able to unlock the doors?

Falling in love with fall

Whether you love or hate fall season, we would suggest to make the best of it. There’s so much to enjoy about this season. Take a walk in the forest when the leaves are changing, or what about creating mud puddles in which you can play or have a mud fight?

Your Sims will also be able to rake leaves into piles. And best of all, they can play in these piles, or you can make them do “WooHoo” in it.

Be sure to dress appropriately, because Sims can actually get sick when they have a low immune system. Besides that, they can make compost out of it, which can be used in their garden. Use the compost bin so that it becomes rich soil.

As the season ends, the landscape becomes less colorful and the first snowflakes will start falling. It’s time to get ready for the winter!

Winter – enjoy outdoor activities in the cold

Bbrrrr, it’s getting cold outside. And we all know what that means: the winter is coming – for real! It’s that time of the year again when the first snowflakes are falling from the sky, covering everything around us. Lakes and rivers are freezing over again. Winter landscapes are truly breathtaking.

Dress to stay warm in the cold

There’s no such thing as poor weather, only bad clothes. Don’t be afraid of the cold. Just dress well for the winter season. Be sure to wear snow boots, a hat, a scarf, gloves, a sweater, a warm jacket and long johns, as it keeps you warm during cold circumstances.

Enjoy winter to the fullest

Now that you have your outfit ready, it’s time to enjoy this season to the fullest.

As days are getting darker, Sims are gathering around the fireplace to drink hot chocolate and glühwein with each other as surrounded by candle lights and other winter decorations. The darkness can affect your Sims’ mood, so use light therapy or vitamin D pills to avoid tiredness and seasonal depressions.

Outdoor activities for everyone

If the weather is good enough, your Sims can do snowball fights, make snow angles, enjoy ice fishing, dip in ice cold water, build a snowman, or visit the Ice Bar and Ice Hotel, alone or with friends and family members. Your Sims can learn how to ice skate, which may be difficult at first, but practice makes perfect. Practice and impress your friends by showing tricks such as twirling, skating backwards or spinning on the ice skating rink. You can also try out the half-pipe and do tricks there.

“WooHoo” in an igloo, sauna or hot tub

It’s even possible to build an igloo from scratch when there is enough snow. This can be done as a team activity or all alone. Your Sims can do “WooHoo” in this igloo as well. Isn’t that hilarious? Igloos will melt away when temperatures rise. It’s also possible to rent them out, so your Sims will earn Simoleons.

Is it getting too cold outside? Be sure to visit a sauna to warm up. One of the coolest additional features of the sauna is that your Sims can do WooHoo in there as well.

Another place where Sims can do WooHoo is the all-new hot tub. Be careful and avoid getting overheated!

Watch out for dangerously cold weather

Winters can be very harsh, that’s for sure. Temperatures can drop to -30 degrees Celsius and blizzards are no exception in certain parts of the world. Sims can get frostbitten, which means that they could freeze to death if they stay outside for more than a day, even if they are wearing winter clothes. Their skin tone becomes gray and they will fall on the ground. Fortunately, Sims will be able to unfreeze other Sims so that they will come back to life. Sims can also die because of hail. Even pets can disappear in the snow, so be careful. You can shovel snow whenever it becomes too much.

Start exploring snow-capped mountain peaks

Mountain tops are covered in snow. This is where you will find beautiful ski resorts where your Sims can practice downhill skiing, snowboarding, ice skating and more. You may even come across Betty Yeti, a famous NPC (a non-player character from the first The Sims game) that looks like a snow monster, or the penguin that was introduced in the second installment of The Sims.

Celebrate the Holiday Season in style

The very cozy Holiday Season also takes place during the winter season. Many Sims are celebrating Christmas and Hanukkah as they have days off from work or school. Your Sims will now be able to cut down a Christmas tree and to decorate it with beautiful balls, lights and other decorations. Don’t forget to decorate the rest of your house and garden, and be sure to hang mistletoe over the doorway.

During Christmas Day, it’s time to dress up for the occasion. Need outfit ideas? An ugly Christmas sweater will do the trick in most cases, but if you’re looking for something a bit more fancy, why not wear a beautiful dress or suit?

During this day, family members and friends will spend time with each other, and they will give each other presents. The Christmas meal is one highlight of this celebration. Turn on the music and sing along, and turn on the fireplace to make it even more cozy. If you’re lucky, your Sims may get a glimpse of the Northern Lights!

Santa Claus is coming to town

Well-behaved children and older can expect a visit from Santa Claus, who brings presents and gifts and loves to give hugs. He will sit next to the Christmas tree and the fireplace, and loves Santa cookies. Santa Claus is an NPC, but it is possible to create your own Santa Claus in Create a Sim, where you will find his outfit, hair and beard.

End the year with a bang

The year ends with firework, which can be purchased at festival stands in town. Celebrate New Year’s Eve with family and friends, and count down to zero in front of the television or during a concert. The new year is just around the corner and soon Spring will arrive!

Spring – days are getting longer and temperatures rise

Temperatures are rising, skies are clearing up, flowers are blooming, and dark days are over. Spring is here, finally! As the weather gets better, your Sims are getting ready for the great outdoors. However, spring weather can be very unpredictable at times.

Be prepared – spring is the most dynamic weather season

Spring is known for its unexpected weather shifts and surprises. In general, the weather gets better by the day, but unpredictable snowstorms and heat waves may show up, just when you least expect it. Layered clothing is strongly recommended during this season, as it allows you to quickly change clothes whenever it is getting too hot or cold. When sunnier weather is on its way, Sims will start preparing for exciting outdoor activities.

Time to get your hands dirty

Spring season is all about gardening and spending time outdoors in the sun. Sow some seeds and grow a beautiful flower garden full of tulips, crocus, daffodils, hyacinths, snowdrops and other colorful flowers.

Become a Florist and use the flower arranging table to make beautiful bouquets for home decorations. Choose a vase, take a few pictures, and start selling your bouquets in your own local flower shop, at the local flower market or even online. Improve your skills to unlock more flowers and sell them for higher prices.

Become a part of the Garden Club

Once your Sims have become a member of the local Garden Club, it is very important to have a perfect garden. Your Sims should always be prepared for a thorough inspection by the jury. Once your garden has been approved, you will earn extra Simoleons and special rewards. This unlocks new seeds for you to use in your garden.

Grow fruits, vegetables and more

Your Sims can choose between different types of soil, garden beds, pots, and greenhouses where they can plant seeds or take care of existing plants and trees. They will need to water and trim plants and trees on a regular basis, and pulling weeds is also part of the job. Sims can even talk to plants or hug trees, because why not?

Why not plant a few fruit-bearing orchard trees, such as apple trees, orange trees, or lemon trees? Once harvesting is possible, you can collect fruits and make tasty juices, such as apple juice, orange juice and even lemonade. The money tree, which allows your Sims to collect extra Simoleons, can also be found in this expansion pack, as well as the plasma fruit tree to satisfy the thirst of vampires!

Grow as many fruits, vegetables and herbs as you want, and harvest them throughout the year. Harvestables will be added to your in-game inventory, after which they can be used for cooking. Your Sims will also be able to sell them at the local food market in town. One cool feature of this expansion pack is that your Sims can also become a beekeeper and sell honey as well.

Keeping your garden healthy

Bugs may infest your garden, so be sure to use an organic bug spray to kill pests, including cockroaches and aphids. PlantSims may show up when your Sims are overusing pesticides. Normal Sims can also be allergic to pesticides, which can be cured by getting allergy shots at the hospital. Placing a ladybug house near plants reduces the risks of bug infestation. Besides that, moles will also be able to damage your garden and lawn.

As you may notice, gardening can become a very challenging and time-consuming occupation. When your Sims don’t take good care of the garden, plants may get sick or even die. Once your Sims have improved their gardening skills, they will be able to revive dying plants. Fertilize plots with a bag of environmentally friendly fertilizer or compost. The local Garden Club jury will watch over your shoulder.

Collect leftovers and rake leaves into the compost bin, and use this compost for your garden. Don’t forget to install sprinklers to save time, or just wait for rain to fall.

Make a wish at the wishing well

Are your Sims having trouble getting water? Be sure to install a water well, which can be used to water plants, and for making wishes. Sims can wish for money, friends, or love. Some wishes may come true, but some outcomes can be negative as well – so be careful!

Take part in exciting Spring Festival activities

Join Spring Festivals and activities in town, try out roller skating, soccer, fishing, play in the horseshoe court, and dance to the music.

Spring is also the perfect season for dating at the festival. Go on dates, visit the kissing booth, decorate your home with roses and candles, or send an old-fashioned love letter. Love is in the air!

Activities for children and teenagers

We didn’t forget about activities for children and teenagers! Children can hang around at the playground where you will find a slide, swing, jungle gyms, monkey bars, merry-go-rounds, towers, and where they can blow bubbles. During Easter, they take part in egg hunt activities to find secret present eggs. And best of all: they can meet the bunny! Adult Sims can also wear this bunny outfit as well.

Both children and teenagers will be able to join scouts as an after-school activity. After registering, they will receive a task board and a uniform. By participating in activities, they can earn badges, to get promoted, to receive trophies and new uniforms. The more they learn, the faster their skills develop, which allows them to unlock extra activities. One exciting activity is that of finding gnomes. Children and teenagers can collect gnomes, but be careful! Gnomes have the power to break objects and make a mess! They even have the power to change the weather drastically within a few seconds.

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